Government Shutdown Information

Due to the lapse in appropriations and federal government shutdown, the South Carolina Military Department and South Carolina National Guard are operating with minimal personnel to ensure essential missions and operations are continued, based on guidance provided by the Department of Defense and National Guard Bureau. The South Carolina Military Department and South Carolina National Guard remain ready and available to respond to any emergencies within the state and nation should they be called. Employees with questions regarding reporting to drill, work, and training, including schools, need to be addressed with supervisors and or unit leadership/commander. Updates will be posted as events unfold and additional guidance is provided by the Department of Defense and National Guard Bureau. For week beginning Monday, Jan 22, 2018: A-Schedule on Monday and for B-Schedule on Tuesday: All AGR Soldiers and Airmen will report to assigned work locations with no change in schedule unless directed by a supervisor. Soldiers or Airmen on an AT order or ADOS will be notified by supervisors of their duty status, as these are on a case by case basis keeping in compliance with Department of Defense guidance and excepted activities. Supervisors will have all non-excepted military technicians, including Title 5 and non-excepted temporary technicians, sign a Furlough Notification Memorandum. If the supervisor cannot personally present the Furlough Notification Memorandum to the technician, then a copy of the Furlough Notification Memorandum must be mailed to the technician's home address using certified mail with a return receipt requested. Technicians will conduct organizational and/or individual closeout operations. Supervisors received an "Actions to Implement an Orderly Shutdown" information paper that will provide guidance. Non-Excepted employees may not telework or otherwise perform regularly assigned duties remotely (i.e. internet, blackberry or telephonic). Technicians who are excepted from furlough due to their performance of excepted activities, will continue to work.  However, based upon the existing budget limitations, they may not be paid until the furlough is ended. During shutdown operations, any TDY travel scheduled to begin after the shutdown occurs should be cancelled.  Any TDY travel except for excepted activities that began prior to the shutdown should be terminated as quickly as possible but in an orderly fashion. For any excepted technician who has completed their essential tasks and are re-categorized as non-excepted, the technician will sign the Furlough Notification Memorandum initiating their furlough. Upon learning that funding legislation is approved, employees will be expected to return to work on the next regular duty day.  Furloughed employees should listen to public broadcasts to obtain information that either a continuing resolution or an FY18 appropriation authorization for the Department of the Defense has been approved. The Command Group will initiate notification procedures for managers and supervisors to recall their employees. Technicians unable to report to work will be charged annual leave, compensatory time or leave without pay. The South Carolina National Guard senior leadership will be continuously monitoring government events to ensure technicians are returned to duty immediately once a budget resolution is achieved. More information about the federal government shutdown can be found here: https://www.opm.gov And here https://www.opm.gov/policy-data-oversight/pay-leave/furlough-guidance#url=Shutdown-Furlough If questions, please contact Lt. Col. Bryan Wright in Human Resources at 803-299-4361