218th Regional Training Institute : 2nd Battalion : OCS/WOCS


Mission Statement : 2nd Battalion (OCS), 218th Regiment (LDR) trains and evaluates candidates in the fundamentals of leadership and basic military skills as part of TASS, Region C, to commission reserve officers in the United States Army, National Guard and Army Reserve.


There are two course options available for completing Officer Candidate School. Talk to a recruiter to help figure out which path is right for you.

Traditional Course

The traditional OCS course is broken down into four phases over an eighteen month period. All four phases are conducted at McCrady Training Center in an IDT status.


Zero phase weekends are orientation style weekends, set-up to give the candidates an overview of what they can expect and what will be expected of them at OCS. Although attendance at these weekends is optional, it is strongly recommended that candidates attend. Areas covered include military courtesy, advanced land navigation, troop leading procedures, dining hall procedures, proper clothing displays and more.

Phase I

Phase I is the first step in the OCS commissioning process. During this phase candidates will conduct land navigation, a field leadership exercise, a 5-mile foot march and cover Army training management and advance map reading.

Phase II

Phase II makes up the bulk of a candidates OCS experience. Phase II is conducted once a month for 12 months. During this phase candidates will conduct a field leadership exercise, a 7- and 10-mile foot march and a 3-mile formation run. Also, the candidates will cover operations, leadership doctrine, military justice, military intelligence, supply activities, military heritage and history, tactics, call for fire and communication skills.

Phase III

Phase III is the last step in the OCS commissioning process, this phase covers troop leading procedures, the leadership reaction course, the final field leadership exercise, infantry squad tactics, combat water survival training and a tactical exercise without troops.

Accelerated Course

There are two accelerated OCS classes each year. Both classes are 57 day courses and are conducted at Fort McClellan, Alabama.