The South Carolina National Guard has units throughout South Carolina and we strive to be a good neighbors and community partners. As a community-based organization, the South Carolina National Guard supports and participates in events throughout the state to benefit our citizens and give them insight into their National Guard. These events, such as parades, ceremonies and patriot celebrations are as important to us as they are to the groups and communities that sponsor them.

While every attempt is made to support Community Relations requests, it is not always possible to support every event due to training requirements, previous commitments, budget constraints, or mobilizations. Keep in mind that the South Carolina National Guard is primarily staffed by a part time force when not actively engaged with a federal or state mission or deployed.  All requests will be reviewed to ensure events are in accordance with National Guard Bureau Public Affairs Manual 360-5 (NGB PAM 360-5), Army Regulation 360-1 (AR 360-1) and Air Force Instruction 35-101 (AFI 35-101).

*See the bottom of this page for examples of what can and cannot be supported.

On the right side of this page you will find links to the various types of support that can be requested. Please click the link to what you are requesting to find out the process for each type of support and find the required documents that will be needed for your request.  Check the calendar below to ensure the day of your event is available. A day not marked as “Unavailable” does not necessarily ensure that we can support your event on your chosen day. As requests are vetted, the calendar will be updated to reflect availability. Events are processed in the order they are received.

Once you submit your request, someone from the Public Affairs office will email you to let you know that your request is being processed. Feel free to reach back out to them at any point if any details of the request change.

If you are requesting multiple types of support, follow the processes and utilize the forms on each individual request type, but submit them all together to 

Basic Support Guidelines

  • Events must be open and advertised to the public
    • Does not include guest speaker events, however, the event will still be vetted and checked to ensure the requesting organization meets certain criteria
  • Flyovers must have a projected attendance of 5,000+ individuals
  • Birthdays are not considered public events. We can send certificates or other materials, but not military assets
  • Precedence is placed on the 5 major patriotic holidays
    • Armed Forces Day
    • Memorial Day
    • Independence Day
    • POW/MIA Day
    • Veterans Day
  • The South Carolina National Guard cannot support any politically partisan event or event geared to an election
  • Requests cannot ask for soldiers to provide laborious duties such as: ushers, escorts, construction, or other tasks that can be done through outside organizations/volunteers
  • Support cannot be provided to events that have an admission fee, paid dues to attend, or are raising funds for any means
  • The South Carolina National Guard cannot be used for requests that can be made to outside businesses such as: construction, transportation, etc.
  • Even after support is committed to an event, they may have to cancel support due to real world events that can arise. You will be notified if that occurs
  • You must send in a new request, with paperwork, for every event you request support, even if we have supported this event in the past
  • If you have any questions or concerns about anything on this page, please call the Public Affairs office


Public Relations NCOIC
SPC Latrina James
Phone: 803-299-4328