Columbia Armory Complex

Architect: Lafaye, Fair, Lafaye & Associates
Contractor: Charles Craig Construction Co
Completion Date: April 2, 1964
Dedication Date: October 10, 196411
Cost: $439,301.00

Amongst the SCARNG’s armories, the Columbia Armory is unique. Built in 1964 at the height of Type B armory construction, this armory departs from the standardized format and is instead composed of three connecting parts. It shares the flat roof, central drill hall, and horizontal orientation of the traditional Type B designs, but lacks the Hirsch panel common of SCARNG armories of this period (Lee 2016: 5).

The assessment of the armory by SCIAA in 2016 noted that many of the original windows had been replaced, but the replacement had maintained the “overall feel of the fenestration pattern and size of windows.”  Additionally, this survey noted that the front entrance had been extended from its original location (Lee 2016: 11). Prior to this survey in 2012, the SCARNG rehabilitated several exterior components of the building. This effort included painting sliding doors and replacing doors, windows, and roof at the armory. Despite these changes, Lee concluded that the building retained enough architectural integrity to warrant labeling it as eligible for listing on the NRHP.