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Command photos are taken by appointment only per the below request process. 
There is limited support available for command photos due to continuing COVID-19 response efforts, so please be flexible with your date/time availability.

Thank you for your support during this time.

South Carolina National Guard Head and Shoulder Photographs

The South Carolina National Guard does not have the ability to take DA photos.  To have your DA photo taken, you will need to schedule an appointment through VIOS at an approved DA photo lab (Fort Jackson).

PLEASE NOTE: There will be no South Carolina flag or unit flag/colors/guidon in the photo. This is to ensure continuity of all command photos taken.

1. The South Carolina National Guard Public Affairs office has the capability of photographing head and shoulder photos for South Carolina National Guard Soldiers and Airmen to be used in official capacities such as chain of command displays (not to be used as a replacement for DA photo, which will need to be taken at an approved DA photo lab). These photographs are often referred to as command photos.
2. The location of the studio is on the second floor of the South Carolina Military Museum at 1 National Guard Road in Columbia, South Carolina. It is not possible for the photographers to conduct the head and shoulder photos to standard at a unit location due to specific lighting and placement requirements. The Soldier/Airman will be required to come to the studio located in Columbia in order to have their head and shoulder photo taken.
3. To request an appointment for a command photo, it must be submitted at least 48 hours in advance for internal planning purposes:

a. Send an email to ng.sc.scarng.list.paostudio@mail.mil with requested date/time. Appointment dates: Tuesday-Thursday, 1300-1500 (No Mondays or Fridays); Joint Force Headquarters drill weekends, 1300-1500
b. In the subject line put "Command Photo for (rank) (name)"
c. Include in the email body the best contact information to reach you in case a scheduling conflict arises

d. Identify which uniform you intend to have the photo taken in – ASU, OCP, or OCP & ASU
e. Add additional information, as needed

4. When you arrive for your photo, have the uniform(s) ready. The Public Affairs office does not verify that uniform patches, insignia, or accoutrements are correct. That is a responsibility of the Soldier/Airman.
5. The photo will be taken with the American flag draped in the background. PLEASE NOTE: There will be no South Carolina flag or unit flag/colors/guidon in the photo. This is to ensure continuity of all command photos taken.
6. The photo will be provided digitally for download via a link to the Flickr album. Photos will NOT be printed by the Public Affairs office.  You can access the command photos from 2020 here:

**Note 1** If you do not receive confirmation of appointment, contact the studio at 803-299-4706
**Note 2** If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, you must contact either CPT Jessica Donnelly, 803-299-5304, Jessica.c.donnelly.mil@mail.mil , or MSG Adam Raynor, 803-299-4241, adam.c.raynor.mil@mail.mil
**Note 3** If a Soldier is a no-show/no-call for their appointment, their commander will be notified

Appointment Availability

Monday - No Appointments
Tuesday - 1300 - 1400
Wednesday - 1300 - 1500
Thursday - 1300 - 1500
Friday - No Appointments


Studio Operations
Office: 803.299.4706
Email: ng.sc.scarng.list.paostudio@mail.mil

To cancel or reschedule your appointment:
CPT Jessica Donnelly
Office: 803-299-5304
Email: Jessica.c.donnelly.mil@mail.mil

MSG Adam Raynor 
Office: 803-299-4241
Email: adam.c.raynor.mil@mail.mil