Seneca Readiness Center

Architect: Heyward S. Singley
Contractor: Harper Builders Supply Inc. (Williamston)
Completion Date: March 22, 1955
Cost: $125,788.00 (contract amount)

Notes: Funds requested in 1953 for one-unit armory. Described as Single Unit Armory.

Initially, SCARNG units assigned to Seneca met a the Boy Scout Hut at Seneca High School. In 1949, the SCARNG finished construction of a Motor Vehicle Storage Building at the facility. In 1955, a Type D armory was added to the facility.

Anderson (2001) first assessed three buildings at the Seneca Readiness Center on November 1, 2000. The SCIAA also assessed the Motor Vehicle Storage Building in 2016. During this survey, it was noted that additions had been made to the Type A armory starting in 1950 with the installation of a vault, storage room, offices, and toilets on the western side of the building. Additional changes came in 1966 with the addition of a door to the east elevation of the building. Despite these changes, Ward-Brandt Consulting (2016: 26) felt that the integrity of the structure remained intact.

The SCIAA  assessed the armory as well at this time and found the most significant change to the exterior was the replacement of the roof. In 2009, the flat skirt roof on all sides of the building except for the rifle range was replaced. This replacement involved increasing the pitch of the roof by adding a Styrofoam surface to the roofline, pouring new gravel on top, and finishing the rehabilitation with new aluminum gutters and downspouts. The outline of a removed AC unit was also noted on the westernmost classroom of the north elevation. Although many of the interior classrooms and office space have been reconfigured over the years, no major alterations have occurred on the building’s interior. Consequently, the armory retains a high degree of architectural integrity (Ward-Brandt Consulting 2016: 23).