Provide assistance to all Service Members of the SC National Guard, it's Employees, Retirees, and Family Members by conducting inquiries, investigations, and compliance inspections of units while performing other duties as may be required by law and regulation or as directed by The Adjutant General (TAG).

IG Newsletter (Q2 FY24)

If you need assistance or wish to file a complaint you may speak to an IG by stopping by our office located at The Columbia Armory, 1225 Bluff Rd, Columbia SC or by calling 803-299-SCIG. You may also go to the “IG STAFF” tab of this share site for additional contact information.  If you prefer, you may download and complete an "IG Action Request Form" (DA 1559) HERE and email to any IG Staff member.

Before filing a complaint, it is highly encouraged that you give your chain of command or supervisory chain the professional courtesy of resolving your issue BEFORE contacting the IG. Additionally, please understand that the following issues are NOT IG appropriate and will NOT be handled by this office:
1. EO/EEO and Sexual Harassment.
2. Hazardous Duty-Safety Conditions.
3. Criminal Allegations.
4. Child and Alimony Support.
5. Redress available through other channels.

NOTE:    Professional allegations against JAGs, Medical personnel, Recruiters, CID agents, Chaplains, or IGs will not be handled locally, e​​g., by this office. These issues will be referred to ​​​​their respective professional IG offices.

Before you tell the IG

1. Give your chain of command a chance to solve the problem.
Many problems must be addressed to the chain of command for resolution anyway.
2. If IG assistance is needed, contact the SCARNG IG first.
This office has had cases in which complainants first contacted Department of the Army IG, NGB-IG, etc. If your complaint involves the SCNG, outside IGs will refer the case to this IG for action. So in the interest of time, contact the SCARNG IG first at 803-299-SCIG.
3. Be honest and don’t provide misleading information.
IGs will discover the truth quickly in most cases and there are penalties for knowingly providing false information.
4. Keep in mind that IGs are not policy makers.
If a regulation is flawed you can submit proposed changes on a DA form 2028.
5. Keep in mind that IGs can only recommend, not order a resolution.
Only commanders can order; the role of the IG is to advise the commander.
6. Remember IGs can only resolve a case on the basis of fact.
Your claim that a supervisor has violated the rules doesn’t make it fact. A claim must be supported with evidence.
7. Don’t expect instant action on your request… Be patient.
Investigations take time and IGs tend to have heavy workloads.
8. Be prepared to take “No” for the answer.
The IG will determine if the issue(s)/allegation(s) is IG appropriate. If not appropriate, then the IG will hand off to the appropriate agency.


The Columbia Armory
Office: (803) 299-SCIG
Email: ng.sc.scarng.list.igsc@army.mil

263rd Army Air and Mission Defense
Office: (803) 299-2440