Lancaster Readiness Center

The SCARNG has maintained a presence in Lancaster since 1922. The Works Progress Administration built the SCARNG’s first armory in the town in 1937. Today, the Guard is located at a new facility where a Type D armory was constructed in 1971. Today, a total of four buildings are present at the Readiness Center.

The Lancaster Type D Armory was first assessed in 2016 by the SCIAA. Comparing the armory to pictures from 1971, Grant (2016: 21) found that the building retained its exterior integrity and specifically observed that “the long façade bank of intact windows with peppledashing, entranceway, low profile roof with drill hall projection, overall shape, and unchanged façade” demonstrated the building’s high degree of architectural integrity. The intact drill hall and the interior’s overall conformity to original blue prints were also highlighted as key to the building’s high degree of architectural integrity.

The SCARNG began rehabilitation efforts at the Lancaster armory concurrent with the assessment of the building. Rehabilitation efforts included replacing the armory roof, HVAC, tile and carpet, windows, and doors. This undertaking also involves asbestos abatement, electrical upgrades, plumbing repairs, and painting of exterior walls.