The South Carolina National Guard has armories, readiness centers, a training center, and an Air National Guard base spread throughout the state. In an effort to reach out and educate the community on the military assets located around them, we offer guided tours of our bases and facilities. These tours are open to schools, community groups, businesses, organizations, clubs, and other groups. We do not have set times and dates for tours, however the request form below will have you indicate your requested time line and we will do our best to accommodate your request. If we are unable to provide a tour on your requested date, we will do our best to find an alternate time or facility to fit your needs.

All requests will be vetted by a member of the SC National Guard Public Affairs to ensure we are able to support it. There may be reasons outside of our control that prevent certain requests being supported. When units are deployed, some armories will be staffed with a minimum staffing who may not be able to meet their normal  mission as well as provide a tour. In cases such as these, we will attempt to find a service member who can travel to that facility and provide a tour based off of their schedules. A tour can be canceled with little notice due to real world missions that may arise, or other matters that may dictate that personnel be redirected to another mission. We will ensure that the requestor is notified immediately of any changes that must occur.

Please fill out the form below and email it to to begin the request process.

Base-Facility Tour Worksheet

We require 30 days notice for all tours. If you are requesting in less than a 30 day time limit, please include this exception to policy form with your request indicating that you are aware that due to the time limit, it may be difficult to support your current request.

ETP Form

Some things to keep in mind

  • Tours will be based on the ability of the full time staff, or a qualified service member to conduct them.
  • We cannot facilitate a facility tour during a drill weekend or annual training for the unit that utilizes that facility for training purposes.
  • All tour groups must have a primary tour group leader (not the service member guiding the tour) who is ultimately responsible for the tour group.
  • All equipment, displays, and other assets are not to be climbed on, interacted with, or operated unless the service member guide give permission to.
  • The requestor’s primary tour group leader is responsible for all attendees behavior and safety, not our service members.
  • The guiding service member can, at any point, ask that a group leaves if they become disruptive, do things they are not authorized to do, or interfere with operations occurring at the facility.
  • Please ask the service member guiding your tour before taking any photos or videos of items or people in the base/facility.
  • If any conflict arises between the primary tour group leader and a service member, call the Public Affairs office and they will reach out to the commander of that base/facility to resolve the issue. Until that occurs, the service member guiding a tour is the lead authority.
  • We cannot provide meals to tour groups, if you are planning on having a meal while visiting the base/facility, please coordinate with the Public Affairs office, or the service member who will be guiding your tour.