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As a community based organization, the South Carolina National Guard takes pride in being requested to participate in local events throughout our state.  If you are hosting a public event and are looking to have the SC National Guard participate, we can provide support in the form of a helicopter static displays and helicopter flyovers. Please refer back to the “Basic Support Guidelines” on the Community Relations Home Page. All requests are subject to the availability of our units and their current schedules. Even if we have identified support for your event, there is a chance they will have to back out, with little notice, due to events or requirements that may arise. If a substitute can attend in their place, we will notify the requestor of the change. 

To begin processing your request, we need a Community Relations Event Worksheet (CREW) and a DD 2535 filled out and sent to ng.sc.scarng.list.comrel@mail.mil


DD 2535

Due to training regulations and schedules of our assets and units, requests must be submitted 90 days prior to the event. If your request occurs within less than 90 days, you must submit an Exception to Policy form signed by the requestor to acknowledge that the time constraints will lessen the likelihood of support ability from our organization.

ETP Form

Requesting a flyover requires FAA approval on the DD2535 as well. Ensure you have enough time to reach out to your local FAA representative to get your event approved by them on the form before you send it to the Public Affairs office. We cannot process a DD2535, for a flyover, without FAA approval. You can find your local FAA office through a basic search for “local FAA office” on the internet.

Some things to keep in mind

  • Flyovers must have a projected attendance of 5,000+ individuals at the event.
  • You cannot have both a flyover and a static display for an event. It is one or the other.
  • For a static display, the helicopter must land before the event starts, when there are not people around the landing area and will need to take off after the event site is cleared of people.
  • Due to the majority of our force being a ‘part-time force” we have to staff events with the availability of our service members. Our service members still do have training and administrative requirements that need to be met on an annual basis. Even if a unit is local to you and is fully staffed, they may not have the ability to support an event due to requirements the service members must complete.
  • Requests are taken on a first come, first serve basis. Regardless of who is requesting support.
  • Precedence for supporting holiday events/parades falls to the 5 major patriotic holidays listed on the “Basic Support Guidelines”
  • After being vetted, an event may warrant a hold harmless be sent to the requestor. If not filled out, we cannot send support to the event.
  • Attendees will not be permitted to climb on, ride in, or operate any of our equipment, nor can we haul things with our vehicles for the event. These are displays only.