Obtain Standard Form 180 (SF-180) to Request Military Service Records

  1. Download and print a copy of the SF-180 in PDF format.
    • You need access to a printer and the Adobe Acrobat Reader software. The form is a total of 3 pages.
    • The SF-180 is formatted for letter size paper (8.5" x 11"). If your printer cannot accommodate this, select "shrink to fit" when the Adobe Acrobat Reader "Print" dialog box appears.
    • This is also a fillable version of the SF-180. It will allow you to type the needed information into the form using your keyboard. You will still need to print, sign and mail the form. Otherwise, it works the same as stated above.
Please Note: While Section II, Paragraph 1 of the Standard Form 180 outlines multiple types of records that may be available to the requester, for traditional National Guard Service Members the NGB22 and NGB23 is the most common document necessary to obtain most veteran's benefits.   If a complete copy of the military service record is desired, please check the "Other" box and specify "Complete Copy" in the provided space.
  1. Contact us by completing and submitting form by completing the form below.
For any questions, contact Mr. Pasley at 803-299-4257

After completing the SF 180 , complete and submit the below information




Request Your Personal Military Service Records

Submit a military records request to get your DD214 or other military service records through the milConnect website.

You’ll need to sign in to milConnect to get your military service records

To use this feature, you'll need a Premium DS Logon account. Your My HealtheVet or ID.me credentials won’t work on the milConnect website. Go to milConnect to sign in, register, or upgrade your DS Logon account to Premium. 

Go to milConnect Here

Once I’ve signed in to milConnect, how do I request my DD214 or other military records?

Follow these steps to submit a military records request.

  1. From your signed-in homepage, click or tap on Correspondence/ Documentation. Then select Defense Personnel Records Information (DPRIS) from the drop-down menu.

  2. Choose the Personnel File tab.

  3. Select Request My Personnel File.

  4. Fill out the form. In the Document Index section, check the boxes next to the document(s) you’d like to request.

  5. Click or tap on the Create and Send Request button.

Types of Records

You can request documents from your Official Military Personnel File to review and download.

You can request your:

  • DD214
  • DD215
  • Report of Separation
  • Other release papers

You can also request documents with information about your service, such as your:

  • Orders and endorsements
  • Performance reports
  • Awards and decorations (commendatory items)
  • Qualifications, licenses, and certificates
  • Security clearance

Request Records for Burial at VA National Cemetery


If you’re a family member planning a burial for a Veteran in a VA national cemetery

Call our National Cemetery Scheduling Office at 800-535-1117. We can help you get the Veteran’s DD214 or other discharge documents you may need.

Get more information about planning a burial

Request Processing Time

Response time for records requested from the South Carolina National Guard varies and is dependent upon the complexity of your request, the availability of records and our workload.

Please do not send a follow-up request before 90 days have elapsed, as it may cause further delays.

While the South Carolina National Guard works actively to respond to each request in a timely fashion, the office receives approximately hundreds of requests per month. However, complexity of requests or older records which require extensive search efforts, may take longer to complete.