Edgefield Readiness Center

Architect: Heyward S. Singley
Contractor: Craig-Roberson Construction Co.
Completion Date: September 23, 1955
Cost: $125,679.00 (original contract)

Notes: Described as Single Unit Armory with Battalion Headquarters

Headquarters and Headquarters Company of the 122nd Engineer Battalion were first assigned to the Edgefield Readiness Center in 1946. By 1948, construction of the Motor Vehicle Storage Building was complete and by 1955 the facility also had a Type B Armory.

The Edgefield Motor Vehicle Storage Building and the Type B Armory were first assessed by Christine Anderson on October 11, 2000. At this time, she determined that both buildings were not eligible for listing on the NRHP. Interestingly, Plaag did not revisit the Edgefield Readiness Center in his 2011 survey. The next survey of the property was conducted by the SCIAA in 2016. During this survey, Lee observed that very few changes had been made to the exterior of the Motor Vehicle Storage Building and that the building maintains “a good deal of integrity...it retains original material, feeling, association, location, setting, and workmanship” (Lee 2016: 22).

By contrast, Lee (2016: 16) observed that the Type B armory had been significantly altered. A concrete brick and clad addition with a flat roof  and raised and covered deck was added to the eastern elevation in 1973. This addition stretches two bays wide and is covered by a metal overhead door with a single-paned window. These changes added more classroom and storage space to the interior of the armory. Along the northern elevation, the windows of the administrative wings have been replaced and windows along the drill hall have been bricked in. The former firing range has also been divided at some point in the past. As a result of all of these changes, the SCIAA recommended that the building should not be considered eligible for listing on the NRHP due its lack of integrity.

In 2016, the SCARNG began rehabilitating the Type B armory building. This effort included replacing all existing high windows, the kitchen hood, asbestos abatement, and tile/carpet replacement. More recently, the SCARNG has notified the SC SHPO of plans to expand the female latrines at the readiness center.