The South Carolina National Guard is committed to excellence in all operations, including environmental stewardship. To support the South Carolina National Guard's mission, the Environmental Office maintains a staff of highly trained environmental professionals with expertise in a range of areas from the management of hazardous waste to threatened and endangered species.

The South Carolina National Guard's commitment to environmental excellence is evidenced in The Adjutant General’s Environmental Policy:

"The South Carolina National Guard is committed to safeguarding our environment while fulfilling our mission to protect and serve our state and nation. As responsible stewards of the land, air, and water resources within our operational sphere, we recognize the importance of integrating environmental responsibility  into every aspect of our operations. The South Carolina National Guard, pledges to comply with applicable laws and regulations, prevent pollution, conserve natural resources, provide environmental training and education, implement sustainable practices, and provide environmental emergency response.
This environmental policy statement is a living document that will evolve with the changing environmental landscape. We remain dedicated to our environmental responsibilities, and we pledge to continuously improve our environmental performance."   


Call 803.299.2349 for any environmental inquiries.